We are currently working on our own show. In our show, we create episodes about a wide range of subject in the nautical branche.

High-quality film production. 
Top Gear of the Nautical industry
We take viewers on a journey to leave them inspired.

 We are not going to walk decks with scorecards. Instead we are looking for passion, history, adventure & fun.

There is a great need of good content in the nautical industry. In the automotive or real estate industry you will find hundreds or even thousands of high quality produced shows, free to watch online. In our market, the nautical industry, there is only a handful. Most of those channels are all lacking a fresh and engaging way of creating content in a way that we believe the nautical industry deserves. In our opinion the nautical industry is not just an industry, it’s a worldwide community of very enthusiastic people with a passion for yachts, nature, heritage and adventure… and that’s exactly why we have started our own show.

At Yachtlife One our mission is to inspire all nautical fans of all ages with top quality film content. We have a broad group of followers: with an age range of 25 to 64, from people wealthy enough to buy yachts and products highlighted in our show to the next generation yacht buyers and also, the dreamers who may never buy from you…
but become highly important ambassadors for your brand.

We are not aiming to be another news-platform. We do like news but… there is one thing we love more than anything:
Great stories. Let us tell your story or let’s create a new one together!

Exclusive: Check out our first episode.

In collaboration with VMG Yachtbuilders, we have created this episode in our series Centuries of Craftsmanship.

Youtube Episodes

On our YouTube channel, we will create longer, cinematic style episodes. Why do we focus on YouTube you may ask. Well, there is a very big audience there waiting and searching for cool content in the nautical industry. Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google (and owned by Google) and dominates online video streaming with 70%.  It’s an attention game and YouTube is far ahead of payed streaming services like Netflix.
It has massive potential for your brand to be discovered and will increase your Google Search Engine (SEO) results. Youtube and long form branded content is booming and it is absolutely the best way to tell your story online right now and create engagement with your audience. 
YouTube is an amazing platform to reach people with film content. Also, it is easy for people to get to know more about you there. We are experts in YouTube marketing and we combine our marketing, SEO and filmmaking skills to get you on top of the most searched keywords.

About Yachtlife Episodes:
Language: English
Duration: 5 to 15 minutes
Subtitles: Any language that fits your target audience



As an addition to our YouTube channel, we have our Instagram channel with more than 1.000.000 impressions on average every week. We will promote the content we create together on our Instagram account by creating promotional videos to boost the episodes on YouTube. 

Promotional content

Besides the longer-form content we will create different sets of content which you can use for your social media like Facebook, Instagram, website and your news letter.

The Series

Besides regular episodes, we will be hosting a set of Series for 2021. Each series will be a top-notch production and we will show your brand to an international public the way it deserves to be shown. But the series will be limited to a certain amount of episodes per category. So if you would like to join any of our series be quick before they are taken.  Contact us for an up to date list of series that are in production.


If you would like to get in contact with us just click on the button below and send us an email. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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